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The Andean region is the most important and visited area in Ecuador. It has a great natural and cultural diversity, it includes the north Andean paramo landscapes, Mindo cloud forests, lakes and lagoons such as Quilotoa, active volcanoes Cotopaxi, Reventador, Sangay, the majestic Chimoborazo, deserts, hot springs, indigenous markets such as Otavalo, old cities, towns and farms that still preserve the spanish colonial style.

Production Services

We are able to facilitate logistics with local expert guides, special accesses and permits in National Parks, hotel infrastructure installed in the Andes mountain range, landscapes, fauna, locations scouting and adaptation, equipment rental, qualified crew, cameras, drones, microphones, lighting, production, post production, fixing.

Urbano Films fixer and productions in Los Andes

Fixer, productions and locations in Los Andes

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